Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama’s master plan

The public option, stimulus for the politically connected and green jobs are only some of the tools Obama is using to carry out his master plan. People and businesses have figured out what his plan is and are scared to death of him. Read the following and you will see why the Obama stimulus is not stimulating and why the economy will not start bouncing back until after the 2010 election. And that is only if his master plan fails.

As part of his strategic plan, Barack Obama has been surrounding himself with czars and officers that are responsible only to him. One such a czar is Obama’s FCC Chief Diversity Officer, Mark Lloyd, who is a former senior fellow at George Soros’s Center for American Progress and a consultant to Soros’s Open Society Institute. Mark Lloyd is a believer that the same methods used in the Venezuela revolution to bring Hugo Chavez to power should be modeled in the US and that the first amendment (Freedom of Speech) should not be used to prevent localism. View video-
As long as Congress rubber-stamps Obama’s agenda, his czars and officers will not rise to the forefront. However, as soon as the leftist congress is voted out of power, the Obama and Soros shadow government will use the czars and officers to by-pass Congress entirely. With midterm elections being over a year away, there is plenty of time for them to put together their civilian army of strong-arms like union thugs, prisoners and black panthers, who would operate under the umbrella of Organizing for America (OFA) and ACORN. Why else was stimulus money sent to prisoners other than to recruit them to do their work? Why else were charges against the black panthers dropped for brandishing a nightstick at the entrance of a poling place, pointing it at voters and making racial threats? Watch theses videos-

The Birmingham News reported that groups like Organizing for America (OFA) and ACORN were organizing volunteers to canvas for Obama's agenda. The iconography of the OFA marketing material is bizarre: it is affiliated not with the Democrat Party, but Barack Obama himself. They urge to enlist others who share the Obama vision. According to DeHaven, one of their organizers, "We're not looking for a fight. That will come later, when we have an army."
With the insidious GIVE Act, which provides $5.7 billion to groups like ACORN and OFA to create 250,000 "paid volunteer" jobs, that will play a role in Obama’s re-election campaign, we can only pray that Obama’s shadow government can be stopped and the taxpayer funded "paid volunteer" security force will never become stronger that our military or local law enforcement.


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