Monday, August 3, 2009

Wake up America before it’s too late

George Soros and the progressive democrats he has in his pocket have a goal to destroy the dollar and to push for a global currency. As a result, George Soros would make billions just as he did from his attempt to destroy the British Pound. To accomplish his goal, George Soros and his team of democrats have chosen a messenger who via teleprompter will spread their message and will not oblige to his constitutional obligation to prove that he is a US citizen. Watch these videos-
To help George Soros push for global dominance, the democrats have created legislations such as the Stimulus Bill, the Equal Pay Bill, the Global Poverty Bill, the Tobacco Bill, the Climate Change Bill, the upcoming Health Reform Bill, the UN sponsored Bill that will force Americans to pay a global tax and whatever else they have hidden in the bills no one has read. If George Soros and the democrats are allowed to succeed, it will bring America to a $2 trillion dollars plus deficit, make the dollar worthless and cause this country to self-distrust.
Wake up America before it’s to late.

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Optimist said...

According to Vladimir Putin, big government always fails. This might work in the country where he was born, but in the US, he is an elected employee of the people who will never allow him to have his own mandatory security Army of civilians
Optimistic US citizen